P7 to S1 Transition

Letters are issued via pupil post in mid November to parents of Primary Seven pupils to confirm the secondary school serving their home address. No further action is normally required if you want your child to attend your catchment secondary school. However, if you wish to request a place at another school you must complete and submit a Placing Request for a Non Catchment School available online at edinburgh.gov.uk/schoolplaces FROM NOVEMBER 2017. All requests must be submitted by 24th December 2017.

N.B. If you do not intend keeping your child's place at his or her secondary catchment school, please notify school as soon as possible, since that will free up the place for those children waiting to hear. Contact lucy.gallagher@sciennes.edin.sch.uk who will pass on that information.

(N.B. It is important to recognise that if you live outside the school catchment area, attending Sciennes does not entitle your child to a place at James Gillespie's High School and families will have to complete a Placing Request form if they are not in James Gillespie's catchment area.)

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