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Moving from Primary to Secondary in 2016

Moving from Primary to Secondary in 2016

If your child is

  • due to start secondary school in August 2016
  • starting P7 in August 2015 at a City of Edinburgh primary school
  • living in the City of Edinburgh Council area
he or she is given a place at a secondary school based on catchment area.
You do not need to register as a place has been set aside at your catchment school.

If your child is in P7 at a primary school run by the Council, you will receive a letter about the procedures in October 2015, the year before your child will start S1. 

If you live in the City of Edinburgh Council area, or within the catchment area of a City of Edinburgh school, a place will be reserved for your child at one of your catchment schools You do not need to register.  

The non-denominational catchment school will be allocated unless your child attends a Roman Catholic primary school but you can ask to change this by sending an email to, giving your child’s name, address and the name of your preferred catchment school. If you live in an area with two non- denominational secondary schools, you will be asked to state your preferred school. Any change to your preferred catchment school must be made by 24 December 2015. 

Section 4: Making a placing request for a non-catchment school
You can request a place in a school in another catchment area. To do this, complete the form at, normally available in November each year. The closing date is 24 December 2015 and you will receive a decision by 30 April 2016 at the latest. 

You should also fill in this form if you are going to be moving to Edinburgh before the start of the new school session in August 2016

(N.B. It is important to recognise that if you live outside the school catchment area, attending Sciennes does not entitle your child to a place at James Gillespie's High School and families have to complete a Placing Request form if they are not in James Gillespie's catchment area.)

Making your request
When applying for a non-catchment school, you may only apply for one school at first. This is always treated as your first preference. 

It is very important that you give us all relevant information in support of your request. This may include medical evidence and reports from any other services or agencies that may have been involved with your child. 

Please note if you make a placing request and it is successful, you will not receive support with travel expenses. 

N.B. If you do not intend keeping your child's place at his or her secondary catchment school, please notify school as soon as possible, since that will free up the place for those children waiting to hear. Contact who will pass on that information.

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